October 16, 2017





Thank you each one for the wonderful observance of Pastor Appreciation Day Last Sunday. We are deeply appreciative of your kind words, your cards, and your gift. These have been wonderful years as we have been privileged to serve you. We often think back to our first meeting with you and the little first unit rectangular building. There were wooden benches in the sanctuary and three classrooms with a $48,000 debt. This debt was paid off so that we could build an educational wing that included a dining hall, a library, a pastor’s office, two large downstairs classrooms, and several classrooms upstairs. This building was built with the help of the missions committee of the First Baptist Church of Blairsville and with volunteer labor from our own men. A loan of $123,000 was paid off in three years. Then, after a few years, came the lightning strike that set the building on fire. We lost everything, but had very good insurance. Our neighbor, the Christian Church, invited us to meet in their social Hall for the first month. Then we rented their previous building while we were deciding what to do and during the construction of this present building. Within a year, our new building was constructed and furnished without any debt.

No Pastor could have had any more of a loving and cooperative congregation as you have been. Now that we have completed 17 years as your pastoral family, we look forward with enthusiasm to the future. All glory and praise to God for his favor upon his people at Cornerstone.





Over the next four weeks, we will interpret the four areas of our Deacon ministry. The first is ADMINISTRATION. Three deacons are assigned to work with the pastor in the leadership of the church. They are: David Peers, Frank Bowyer, and Bob Christian. The Pastor will consult with them concerning all the details of leading the church to accomplish its mission. We will move forward in prayer.


MUSIC NOTES FROM GENE:  Annie Sherwood Hawks penned the words to "I Need Thee Every Hour." She wrote this hymn in April 1872. She was born in Hoosick, NY on May 28, 1835, living most of her life in Brooklyn, NY. She was very prolific in her writing of hymns; some include "Thine, Most Gracious Lord," "Art Thou One of Christ's," and "Be Still, My Doubting Soul." Our hymnal has only one of her songs. Annie died in 1918.




Wednesday night,   October 18th,   we will be having a taco bar. Meat and taco shells will be provided. Our dinner will be basically gluten free. If you have not been asked to bring something special for the taco bar, please bring a salad or side dish that goes with tacos.  We hope to see you at 5:30, with Bible Study following at 6:30.




Mark your calendar for November 11th, 1:00-3:00 p.m.  This is a Cornerstone Womens’ Fall Event to raise funds for Open Arms (a temporary shelter for girls ages 12-17.)  Sharon Hanna, Director of Open Arms, will be our guest speaker and we’ll have special music by The Tankersley Sisters!  The Chinese Auction will be $5 at the door (for 2 tickets) and additional tickets are of course for sale.  Various desserts, finger foods and beverages will be served. We hope you can join us, ladies!



The Dixie Jubilee will be treating us at Cornerstone during our October 5th Sunday Night Sing! Our guest singers will present a 45 minute concert of uplifting music.  We’ll have dinner after the service, which will consist of light foods and desserts to be provided by church members.  Join us!




BUDGET REPORT FY 9/1/2017 THROUGH 10/15/2017:

Budget Requirements                                        $     20,188.00  

Tithes & Offerings YTD                                       $     18,865.00

Sunday’s Tithes & Offerings                               $      2,616.50